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Interview w/ Jay Wann BKB Fighter, Coach, & Promoter

Today we at Grindbone are fortunate enough to be joined by Jay Wann. Mr. Wann is the owner and proprietor of Boss BKB Management, and The Raging Bull Boxing Gym. He is a fighter, promoter and coach at Raging Bull BKB

He is maybe the perfect man to bring our US fans even further up to snuff as to the happenings of the Bare-knuckle Boxing world. This gentleman has done it all and we are ever so thankful for his willingness to chat.

Thanks so much, sir! How are you doing today?

Jay Wann: I am fine thank you, how are you?

Kaplowitz: I am grand. Still stuffed from Thanksgiving and getting set to talk some BKB.
I made mention of our US Bare-knuckle Boxing fans. We here at Grindbone become known, in a short time, as advocates of the sport. I personally was drawn in by fighters such as Seth Jones and Dave Bradford. I was also drawn in by the purity of the sport...the oldest combat sport with the most history and some great characters.

What drew you into the sport, sir?

J.W.: For me it was that it is the ultimate combat sport, As a child I saw bar room BKB where it was used to settle arguments between Men so you could say it was bred in to me.

Kap: What would your earliest BKB memory be?

J.W.: That would be as a child of maybe 6 years. I used to sit with my granddad and his brothers in a local pub and if an argument popped up, the Men involved would be taken through to a back room to "put things straight" I would follow the Men into the room and watch the fights.

Kap: What were your own first steps into the sport?

J.W.: 1994 in Leicester was my first bare knuckle fight. I worked for a couple of fellas from Newarke in Nottinghamshire and as Travelers there was a lot of talk about BKB. The fight took place on the waste land behind the incinerator. I won the fight within 5 minutes. We didn't time rounds back then...

Kap: You mentioned the change to nowadays and timing rounds. What else has changed? It seems to me that there is effort being made to take the sport out of the underground and make it mainstream. How do you feel in regards to that apparent effort?

J.W.: I am very supportive of it going mainstream, at Raging Bull we have 2 minute rounds and 4 rounds to a fight unless it is a title fight where it goes to 6 rounds. We use a 3 knockdown rule and the referee can stop the fight when he sees fit. We use licensed venues along with registered security and medical staff at every show. 

All we need now is a professional sanctioning body then we can have amateur and professional fights.

Kap: Tell us more about Raging Bull...

J.W.: We are a fight promotions company based in Leicester, we create and promote Bare Knuckle and Gloved Boxing matches but our heart is with BKB. We formed in January 2012 and hold regular shows in the Midlands area. 

As well as promotion and fighter management we have our own BKB academy which was the first in the UK where we train up and coming fighters as well as our signed Boxers. 

Our aim is to take BKB to the world stage and make it a mainstream sport.
Kap: Wonderful and amazing. Here's a question we get asked a lot, one that you're particularly suited to answer as both a coach and fighter: how does BKB differ from gloved fighting? In both training and fighting?

J.W.: Basics are the same but you have to be more clinical in throwing shots as a mistimed punch could result in a broken hand, with training its working the body that we go for and learn to fight toe to toe. as for the fight i would say there is less movement in BKB as its basically

Two fighters not wanting to look pretty but to get stuck in and fight, this is Boxing but raw.

Kap: Love it. Like I said, you're a promoter, trainer and fighter. What's your greatest in ring moment?

J.W.: You would think it would be winning a big fight. But stepping into the ring at the end of a show and the crowd cheering and applauding you has to be the best feeling in the world.

As for my greatest fighting moment, I would say winning my last fight back in July of this year where i stopped my opponent in the first round in front of my wife to be and my family and friends on my home turf.
Kap: Tony Goward, no? He had a great fight with Dave Radford. Good on you. What's next, then for you? A focus on promoting?
J.W.: Yes, Tony Goward. Who I think of as a good friend now. I do want to concentrate on promoting but the fighter in me is still alive and I will fight as often as I can.

Kap: Does the fighter in ya have anyone in particular in his sights? And what's coming up that we can look forward to as far as the promoter in you?

J.W.: Nobody in particular as I focus so hard on training for a fight that I lose sight of the promoting side. I want to start moving into Europe in 2015 and bringing in the Eastern European fighters. 

Build bigger and better shows and raise the profile of Raging Bull and BKB.

Kap: Any plans for America? B-bad Promotions has promoted a couple of shows here already and I can tell you, interest is huge.

J.W.: Yes definitely, America is the Big one and I will be looking at taking Raging Bull over the pond by the end of 2015.

Kap: Now there's something to look forward to! Speaking of looking forward...where do you see the sport of BKB in five years?

And while we're in the future, how can aspiring fighters join your academy?

In 5 years, I can see a global BKB sanctioning body and it explode like MMA has. 

As for the academy, anyone with the heart will be more than welcome to contact us and we will call them in and put them into one of our training programmes. 

After a few weeks myself and the other coaches will either offer them a place with us or ask them to continue training and try out again on the next intake. 

We take on and train anyone from complete beginners to seasoned fighters.

Kap: You bring up contacting you, how might we do that? Any links you'd like to share?

J.W.: I can be contacted through our Facebook page or via email,

Kap: Thank you so much for sharing some of your valuable time with Grindbone, sir. We wish you and yours all the best.

J.W.: It's been a pleasure, Thank you.


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Again, big thanks to Jay Wann and I hope to chat again with the man soon. This interview did not disappoint and I feel another is in order! 

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Wiminz Ask Us 'Bout Wiminz Sized Shirts

Kap sez "Got scissors bitch?"

Here's what he means:
(Special thanks to Jess)

(Sirs, I meant the shirt.)

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Happy Thanksgiving, GRINDBONERS!!!

That's nothing! Our own Dave "Hollywood Ballz" Sullivan once came in a Butterball. Twice
Probably not the one that's in yer oven now.

Letter from the Editor - #Ferguson

[I listened to the playback of LAST NIGHT'S NARROWCAST and feel the need to delve a little further into hashtag Ferguson. Maybe I just want to take a moment to clarify my thoughts.]

I said that many other things could have happened other than Officer Darren Wilson, a white man, ending the life of Mike Brown, a black man.

I just described Brown up there ^ as a "black man." Not a kid, teen, youth, child, or any other tug-at-the-heartstrings adjective that most of the media used/s

Also, I watched a CNN or some shit channel news story about an 18 year old white woman getting raped on a college campus. They said "woman." Why not kid, teen, youth, child, etc?

There are many other ways this story could have ended, indeed. Taser, mace, some BJJ lay and pray limb also could have ended with Brown not grabbing for a Wilson's gun, not punching a cop in the face, perhaps talking to a cop prior to all that as if they were both full-fledged human fucking beings, even. Or take advice from my dear ol' departed daddy: don't talk to them at all. AVOID THEM.

The long and short of all this drek is that the media has long since out Manson'd Manson. Helter Skelter. Race wars. Trayvon Martin could have been our president's son, said our president, for fucksakes. The niggers that rapped that girl, though--no relation.

Niggers raped a white girl? Words are fun. Fellow collegiate youths force snuggled a co-ed? A male assailant's attack thwarted by an officer of the law?

But now Ferguson burns and its residents loot and before the police could take to the air in helicopters and drop job applications on the "protesters" in order to disperse them; it got kinda chilly and a lot of them went home. True story.

In closing: 
white people rioted when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, 
but the weather held out for them.
Mike Brown, moments before his untimely demise. RIP.

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Grindbone: The Resurrection - 11.26.14

We're back. We suck. We hate that we're back and that we suck. We also hate our listeners. Every one of them a cunt. Both of them a cunt.

Please click HERE to listen to our podcast. Share the show, too. Thank you, sir.

We talked a little about Ferguson, Bill Cosby, and Kim Kadashian. 
We talked a lot about Bare-knuckle Boxing (BKB).

We used the words nigger and faggot! A lot. Gratuitously, even.

So, don't be a faggot nigger. Come home to Grindbone.

Read more of what Kap thinks of Ferguson HERE.

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The Following is an Important Message from GRINDBONE:

Your mother's a WHORE.
Tell her that we go live with our Grindbone 2.5 reboot TOMORROW night, November 26th at 8LA/11NYC 

You can LISTEN LIVE here.

It will also be posted at this blog right here about 2 hours after that.

Now give that cunt a cum rag.

Topics! We got those!

  • Bill Cosby's raping.
  • Ferguson's burning.
  • Kim Kadashian's azz.

And all the Bare-knuckle Boxing coverage you can shake a stick at.

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