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Happy Thanksgiving, GRINDBONERS!!!

That's nothing! Our own Dave "Hollywood Ballz" Sullivan once came in a Butterball. Twice
Probably not the one that's in yer oven now.

Letter from the Editor - #Ferguson

[I listened to the playback of LAST NIGHT'S NARROWCAST and feel the need to delve a little further into hashtag Ferguson. Maybe I just want to take a moment to clarify my thoughts.]

I said that many other things could have happened other than Officer Darren Wilson, a white man, ending the life of Mike Brown, a black man.

I just described Brown up there ^ as a "black man." Not a kid, teen, youth, child, or any other tug-at-the-heartstrings adjective that most of the media used/s

Also, I watched a CNN or some shit channel news story about an 18 year old white woman getting raped on a college campus. They said "woman." Why not kid, teen, youth, child, etc?

There are many other ways this story could have ended, indeed. Taser, mace, some BJJ lay and pray limb also could have ended with Brown not grabbing for a Wilson's gun, not punching a cop in the face, perhaps talking to a cop prior to all that as if they were both full-fledged human fucking beings, even. Or take advice from my dear ol' departed daddy: don't talk to them at all. AVOID THEM.

The long and short of all this drek is that the media has long since out Manson'd Manson. Helter Skelter. Race wars. Trayvon Martin could have been our president's son, said our president, for fucksakes. The niggers that rapped that girl, though--no relation.

Niggers raped a white girl? Words are fun. Fellow collegiate youths force snuggled a co-ed? A male assailant's attack thwarted by an officer of the law?

But now Ferguson burns and its residents loot and before the police could take to the air in helicopters and drop job applications on the "protesters" in order to disperse them; it got kinda chilly and a lot of them went home. True story.

In closing: 
white people rioted when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, 
but the weather held out for them.
Mike Brown, moments before his untimely demise. RIP.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Grindbone: The Resurrection - 11.26.14

We're back. We suck. We hate that we're back and that we suck. We also hate our listeners. Every one of them a cunt. Both of them a cunt.

Please click HERE to listen to our podcast. Share the show, too. Thank you, sir.

We talked a little about Ferguson, Bill Cosby, and Kim Kadashian. 
We talked a lot about Bare-knuckle Boxing (BKB).

We used the words nigger and faggot! A lot. Gratuitously, even.

So, don't be a faggot nigger. Come home to Grindbone.

Read more of what Kap thinks of Ferguson HERE.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Following is an Important Message from GRINDBONE:

Your mother's a WHORE.
Tell her that we go live with our Grindbone 2.5 reboot TOMORROW night, November 26th at 8LA/11NYC 

You can LISTEN LIVE here.

It will also be posted at this blog right here about 2 hours after that.

Now give that cunt a cum rag.

Topics! We got those!

  • Bill Cosby's raping.
  • Ferguson's burning.
  • Kim Kadashian's azz.

And all the Bare-knuckle Boxing coverage you can shake a stick at.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

An Interview w/ Bare-knuckle Fighter Decca Heggie

[Click HERE to read Decca's recent interview with our sister publication Enesskay Boxing.]

Kaplowitz: Mr. Heggie, we just spoke a month ago, but much has changed. Before we get into it, though, thanks once again for taking the time to sit down and chat. 

I take it you're well? You look like you're living in the damned gym now! You're trimming down and piling on muscle. What's your training looking like?

Decca Heggie: I train 6 days a week, I have dedicated my life to gym. I eat 5000 calories a day of gud food, the more calories the faster I speed metabolism and burn fat. 
I want to be the best. And as well as being a champion, I want to look like a champion.
Kap: You have a bout coming up on January 31st against one Mr. Stevan Miller (who I interviewed just this morning) for the U.K. Raging Bull Heavyweight Championship. How are you feeling about that looming date?

D.H.: Well, it's my dream to be a champion, this fight don't get any bigger for me. Miller is not to be taken lightly. He's 6ft 6in and a tank of a man. 

They don't call 'im Killer for nothing. 

I respect 'im he's a nice guy, he may come across cocky but us fighters all have different personalities. Me and my coach Patrick Mulroy, who is the best bkb coach in the buisness and all that will show 31st January.

Kap: You mentioned Patrick Mulroy, your coach. But I wanted to talk now about your new manager, Christian Roberts. What is it that Mr. Roberts brings to your table that wasn't there before? How does adding him to Team Decca make your future even brighter?

D.H.: Well, Christian Roberts delivers full stop. I tell 'im to get me a fight and he gets it no questions asked

A lot of personal stuff has went on the past few days, but one man I will never put down is Joe Bbad. I can 110% from my heart say I still love 'im and always will. He did a lot for me and was there for me thru some bad times. We parted company, but am not willin to talk bowt it as I respect the man.

Kap: That's why I personally love BKB. At the end of the day, we're all friends and that's that.

I do have to say that Mr. Roberts was a bit worried that you'd go cunt on him when I asked and that you might give him a good ribbing. He'll be ever so relieved that you didn't rip him to bits.

But lemme ask you something else, in all seriousness, you brought up yer coach, Mr. do you two game plan for going up against a 6'6' "Killer?"

D.H.: Well, I cudnt tell youu that as Mr. Miller will be reading this--lets just say I am training for pure fitness and power. By fight night my speed will be great. My punching really accurate. And Patrick is bringing my footwork on tremendously. He's fantastic in wat he does.

Kap: Do you have a prediction for January 31st?

My prediction is a stoppage, 
not predicting any round, as the fight is being taken very seriously. There will be fireworks from me and from Miller.

Kap: It's set to be a great showdown, alright. And has already received a good amount of buzz.
Speaking of buzz, a lot of that surrounded your recent trip to America. Do you have plans for a return to the states?

America is in my heart. 
But I shud be dominating the UK before making any plans for America. My fans are here and they deserve my loyalty. Team Decca is new in the world of BKB. Me and Christian are planning Team Decca Promotions and we're a family. We're loyal and we give 110%.

Kap: Well, we're working through Enesskay and now through Grindbone to make sure you have plenty of US fans ready to greet you on your return.

There is just one question I didn't ask you last time that I wanted to wrap up with now: who is the one man you want to fight either right now, or in the near future? Who's out there that you need to see how you'd do against?

D.H.: To me the best fighters are James McCroy, James Quinn, and Micheal Ferry. Micheal Ferry is a good friend and an animal. Me and Ferry wud be a sell owt but there are so many big fights for the fans...

Kap: All great men, and all worth looking into, for those blossoming BKB fans out there.
I don't think any would take you to lightly, my friend.

Mr. Heggie, thanks once again for your time and, as you know, you have my support and my friendship. I wish you all the best going forward.

D.H.: God bless my great friend hope to meet u one day.

Kap: Drinks on me, pal.


Like Decca "The Machine" Heggie on Facebook NOW. 

As I said in our previous interview, he "is quite possibly the next big thing in Bare-knuckle Boxing. Keeping in mind that I personally feel that Bareknuckle Boxing itself, is the next big thing--why, that'd put Mr. Heggie securely on the precipice of being huge in the ever expanding combat sports industry."

That's right, I just quoted myself, ya cunts.

Don't forget to read that interview, too. It's HERE.


Don't miss the return.

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