Friday, November 21, 2014

An Interview w/ BKB Manager, Christian Roberts

Decca Heggie has made quite a splash in the Bare-knuckle Boxing universe as of late. Now, with his new manager, Christian "Getting it On" Roberts, he looks to take it to the next level. Mr. Roberts was kind enough to make time for Grindbone and discuss Decca's upcoming bout with Stevan Miller for the U.K. Raging Bull Heavyweight Championship. 

How long have you been involved in the Bare-knuckle Boxing (BKB) world?

Christian Roberts: I have been a good boxer in the amateurs and was hoping to make my own BKB debut early next year, but now I find myself managing prob the best BKB fighter in the game.

Kap: Well, now ya got to tell me about the best BKB fighter in the game...

C.R.: He really needs no introduction. In a short career he has proved he has it all: power, good movement, huge stamina, and the ability to strike hard with either hand. He has proved he has a chin and a massive heart, massive drive and buckets of desire and hunger.

Kap: We're talking, of course, none other than Mr. Decca Heggie here. You just announced his Jan 31st showdown with Stevan Miller. What do the fans need to know about this match?

C.R.: They need to know it's not to be missed. Anybody who knows these two guys knows they're right up there at the top. Our aim is to look for all the best opponents, no record fillers. Just good solid opponents and that's exactly what Miller is. I think it's a fight BKB needed and definitely one that the fans wanted, judging by response. It's also what 100% of both camps wanted.

Kap: You mentioned the fans, and of course that's what it's all about. We're trying to introduce our US audience to BKB. We get asked all the time, "What is BKB all about? How is it different from gloved boxing?" How would you answer those questions?

C.R.: I wud probably say that its an acquired taste and not the same as gloved boxing and although some boxers can adapt not all find it to there liking. Some guys are destined for gloves, some to BKB.

Kap: What makes a great BKB fighter?

C.R.: I don't know if I"m truly honest. I can tell u this: some people just have it and the rest just don't. It's not something you can instill into a fighter. Either it's there or it never will be.

Kap: And that's why Decca is correct wen he says he was born to fight. Where do you think he stacks up against the greats of the sport? 

C.R.: I think personally he can be one of the greats. For me there will only ever be 1 Guv'nor, Lenny McLean. I believe though, that Decca is good enuff to be the Guv'nor of our time. He has every single attribute to do so.

Kap: Thanks for the time, Mr. Roberts. One thing before I let you go: Give us a prediction for Jan. 31st?

C.R.: (Laughs) Well, I can only answer 1 way. I've spoken to Miller this week he is a remarkably nice fella who I respect fully. If I must I'll say Decca early, but as it's two of the top guys about and they're both powerful units--anything cud happen. Team Decca will be there to win.

Kap: Perfect answer, sir! Thanks so much again. I know you must be a very busy man. My best to everyone and just a little more to yourself and Decca.


For more info on the match, or just to say "Hi," you can Find Christian on Facebook.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Narrowcast for 9.6.14

Jim's here! HERE! Dave sings about it. Kap's morose and rather painful to listen to.


We talk wrestling, comedy, and all over each other.

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